Monday, June 1st, 2015

Gated Pipe Irrigation

Gated Pipe Irrigation Gated Pipe Irrigation

OLT has made progress on the irrigated hay fields project at the Everson Ranch (pronounced "ee-vur-son"). The project, when finished, will provide water to over 50 acres of hayfields that have been dried up for many years. In 2014, Mike O'Donal, the ranch manager, was able to irrigate and harvest 8 acres of hayfields. This year, we purchased and installed over 1100 feet of ten inch pipe that will supply five more gated pipe laterals. We also bought enough gated pipe to run two of those five laterals. We are adding some 6 inch pipe that will irrigate a few acres at the ranch house that will bring water to some new trees as well as grazing pastures for the Black hogs. With the abundant rains of this spring, we will be able to increase the hay harvest and provide lush grazing for the Scottish Long-haired Cattle from Arrowpoint, our organic beef partners.

10 10 10 6 pipe stock - Doug Bishop 6

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