Monday, August 10th, 2015

2014 Annual Report

Annual Fall Newsletter transitions to Annual Report

OLT members have been accustomed for many years to receiving a Fall Newsletter. We are transitioning, alternatively, to an Annual Report which communicates about our activities and accomplishments over the ENTIRE past year instead of just ¾ of it as the Fall newsletter did. An Annual Report is also the only published document that lists and recognizes our donors through year-end since this information is not required in OLT's IRS Form 990. OLT leadership has decided that, while there will be a delay in compiling information for an Annual Report each year until our Annual Audit is completed, this communication tool will serve our members better by providing a more complete financial picture that includes year-end numbers. We hope our members will appreciate the value of this change in focus from an annual printed newsletter to an Annual Report highlighting all that OLT has accomplished toward meeting its mission goals. Feel free to provide any provide any feedback to Executive Director Doug Bishop.

Annual Appeal form 2014-2015 (printable PDF)

Annual Appeal form 2014-2015 (printable PDF)

Treasurer's Report

Myron Hulen 
- Myron Hulen

The annual audit for calendar year 2014 has been completed. OLT received a “clean” opinion and generally, an outstanding report, thanks to the year-long efforts of Scott McCumber and Doug Bishop.

The financial position of OLT improved significantly during the 2014 calendar year. Net Income from all sources in 2014 was $260,379 or $179,932 above budget projections. This improvement was the result both of a reduction in total expense, and an increase in revenues. The most significant factor in the revenue gain was the increase in Admission and Accommodation Fees of $118,666 beyond budget that resulted from increased visitation. $176,000 of the net income was transferred to the Winter Savings account to fund the slow season. Becau­­se expenses were held below expectations, not all of this Winter Savings account was used. In addition, OLT was able to fund the ranch bathhouse/ kitchen, and cabin restorations from net operating income.

Although OLT’s financial position has greatly improved, the battle to get it on a solid footing financially is far from over. Despite OLT having been able to fund over half the cost of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) from operating surpluses over the past several years, the WWTP still has a $100,000 loan to be repaid. The Everson Ranch needs significant capital improvements to get it on a self-sustaining basis, refurbishment and possible upgrades of bathroom and kitchen facilities needs to be done, and badly depleted financial reserves for land conservation and capital improvements need to be replenished.  Realistically, it will take several years to regain a solid financial footing and to become debt free.  But, the results for 2014 are an excellent start.

Some snapshot details: COMPARISON OF 2014 TO 2013:

  • Total income (revenue and support) increased in 2014 by $168,895, or 17.1%;
  • Total expenses in 2014 declined by $40,345, or 4.3%;

  • Total employee expenses in 2014 declined by $5,323, or 0.8%;

  • Visitation (person days) increased in 2014 by 2,912, or 11.2%, and this trend seems to be continuing in 2015;

  • Individual contributions increased by $10,998 to $196,123 in 2014, an increase of 5.9% over 2013.

Financial Goals for 2015:

Continue rebuilding reserve funds; test, and begin phasing in a program budgeting and reporting system that would run parallel to the financial reporting system; develop the capital budget and improvements plan with a long-term planning horizon

Educational Note:

There sometimes is confusion about where various fees and donations are applied. Membership donations are dedicated to funding Land Conservation, agricultural and ranch activities. Admission and accommodation fees are used to fund other OLT programs such as Visitor Services at Valley View.

Other 2014 details:

  • All OLT financial policies except the Investment Policy were revised and updated during the year.
  • Allocation formulas for operating surpluses to Board Designated (reserve) Funds were reviewed. These formulas will be finalized in 2015 after approval by the Board.
  • The Board approved transferring some of Retained Earnings to cover the deficit in the Land Conservation Fund. This was a paper transfer and it will reflect more accurately the amount of funds currently designated for land conservation purposes.

New Strategic Plan Adopted

A NEW STRATEGIC PLAN was adopted by the OLT Board of Directors this summer 2014 with Objectives, Goals and Strategies outlined around 4 key areas: Visitor Space Protection and Management, Conservation and Preservation, Research and Education, and Staff Development and Community Relations. A summary of these key areas is below. Details can be found on OLT's website.

Summary of Strategic Plan:

A. Visitor Space Protection and Management 1. Rustic lodging and camping for all (master site plan, existing structures, evaluate proposed projects, quota) 2. Welcoming family friendly (friendly, personal, balance recreation and programs, personal responsibility, affirm values, inclusive age groups) 3. Promote naturism (healthy, responsible choice, collaborate, high standard)

B. Conservation and Preservation 1. Geographical area of concern (inventory, reserves, neighbors) 2. Land stewardship (monitor, metrics, fire, visual impacts, minimal development, best practices, organic, permaculture) 3. Off grid (geothermal, electricity conservation, efficiency, alternatives) 4. Protect Water (sanitation, maintain waiver for drinking water, impact of climate change, and limit chemicals such as sunblock)

C. Research and Education 1. Collaboration with universities and scientists 2. Conservation models and programs (hydro, education on water cycle) 3. Provide Education (volunteers for astronomy, bats, Orient mine history, geology, hydro, history and Everson Ranch projects)

D. Staff Development and Community Relations 1. Professional staff – Ag, energy, finance and accounting, fund raising, resort management (attract and keep, professional development) 2. Organizational structure (fundraising plan, privacy to industry standards, grants, public support and beneficial relationships, internships, volunteers and community at ranch, pay property tax to support county)

More detailed copies of the full Strategic Plan are available here online.

Notes from the Chair

 Geneva Mixon 
I'm always happy to hear from you
- Geneva Mixon Board of Directors, Chairperson

Upon reflection of the past year 2014, I feel deep gratitude to the OLT team to find us on firm footing toward a bright and stable future. Doug Bishop brings continuity and strong leadership to the organization as Executive Director. We have completed our Strategic Plan, and are continuing to plan and lay the foundation for saving for expenditures and conservation opportunities. Through sound financial management and the commitment of staff we have begun to rebuild our financial base and pay back reserves. We have established an organized and comprehensive structure that will enable us to engage more of our members in the organization.

I am pleased that Doug Bishop is our new Executive Director. Doug has served for many years on the OLT board (most recently as Treasurer). He has lived in the Northern San Luis Valley for years and is a respected community member and educator. Doug brings his strong leadership and management skills to the helm of the OLT. He has done a fantastic job leading staff through the busy summer season at Valley View.

With much help from the board and volunteers OLT successfully completed our Strategic Plan early in 2014. A Strategic Plan is a planning document that many non- profit organizations use to define the strategies they will employ for making decisions and allocating resources. It is our guiding document that outlines our organization's focus for the next 2 to 5 years. The Strategic Plan is only the beginning. OLT will continue to work on planning so we can take advantage of opportunities wisely and make steady progress towards our goals.

The OLT Board of Directors recently established a comprehensive committee structure that contains core committees that will help distribute the work of the organization. Of course, we will occasionally add task force groups (also known as subcommittees) to continue making progress on important matters. Ideally, volunteers and engaged citizens will find opportunities on these committees to pitch in and offer their skills and assistance in key areas like External Affairs (fundraising and marketing), Governance, etc.

It is an honor to serve as Board Chair of the Orient Land Trust. I am continually motivated by the breadth and depth of conservation and environmental education opportunities that abound here. I am also deeply grateful to the OLT community (our founders, volunteers, staff, and members) for their trust and hard work in making the OLT such an amazing place and organization.

OLT's Executive Director Message

Doug Bishop
- Doug Bishop

Summer is here! It's been great seeing friends old and new during the warm months we all enjoy. Some of the highlights from last summer include: a visit from representatives of The Nature Conservancy and their annual monitoring, the first weekend in August was the Crestone Music Festival complete with diverse and wonderful music, and the second weekend in August was the Membership Appreciation Weekend. Both bands were great and there was good attendance and some excellent dancing. We're getting ready for the celebration this year in about a month.

Memorable events from 2014:

  • During the October Board meeting Weaver's Level Best visited and the new treatment plant moved closer to reality.
  • Chef Scott Sharot arrived at the Pavilion for an early October weekend food preparation event. The weather was grand and the food was great. The next day, the wind howled and it snowed sideways for an hour or two, but for his day, it was like summer. Thanks to everyone who attended and welcomed his contribution of good food to OLT.
  • Salida's Art Benefit had good participation on a balmy early October evening. The John Lorenz photographs at The Fritz were displayed nicely. There were many more paintings and other works at Woods' Distillery. Thanks to all who could attend
  • The Garden Party fundraiser in Taos was another
  • chance to spend time with supporters away from the springs. Dan Jones' house and gardens were a treat and the northern New Mexico summer weather was superb.

In late August, Kirk Navo was here with some biology students to gather data on the bat population. They netted about 50 bats, swabbed for fungi cultures, and gathered more data on the colony of bats up at the old mine. You can see a video that was taped while they were here on the OLT web site.

In December we nailed down a hardwood floor in the Welcome Center and rearranged the furniture. Some efforts were devoted to Oak House, the Sunset Rooms, and the cabins. We think they look more inviting. Many thanks to the hard work of staff and volunteers!

Volunteer Report

Volunteer at Your Favorite Not-For-Profit!

Volunteers are extremely important to Orient Land Trust/Valley View Hot Springs. We count on our volunteers to keep Valley View Hot Springs, including the Everson Ranch and the 2200+ acres that staff oversees here at OLT, operating efficiently.

Whether you have a few hours during your planned visit, or a full day to help out, please consider a donation of your time.

Many Camp Hosts, Discovery Hosts, Astronomy Hosts, and Bat Hosts are needed each year to keep OLT/VVHS running smoothly. Most of these positions require a minimum one-month commitment.

If you only have a week or two that you can commit to volunteer, then we've got several other opportunities that might work for you. Ranch Hands, Facility Maintenance, Construction Helpers and special projects volunteers are also needed.

Short-term (one day) volunteer opportunities include newsletter and fundraiser mailings, outdoor projects such as weed mitigation and other small projects.

The first step to volunteering at OLT/Valley View Hot Springs is to fill out a Volunteer Candidate Application and drop it off at the front desk. This is the best way to help us learn of your skills and interests. Just stop by the Welcome Center for more information. You can also download the volunteer application at our website and mail it to the address below.

As always, thanks for your interest in volunteering at Orient Land Trust/Valley View Hot Springs. You'll be helping the small-in-number, but big-in-heart staff at OLT works toward preserving the northern San Luis Valley's unique resources and open space.

2014 Highlights

Garden Party in Taos (read more)

How 'bout that Weather? (read more)

Wastewater Treatment Facilities Completed (read more)

Hot Springs Creek, Reservoir, & Everson Ranch (read more)

Benefit Art Sale in Salida (read more)

Artwork by OLT Board Members Martin Jolley and photographer John Lorenz, along with 12 other Salida artists, were featured at The Fritz Restaurant and Wood's Distillery on October 4th and throughout the month.  About 75 people attended the opening reception for this first ever OLT art sale event from which 30 % of sales benefited OLT's  WWTP campaign.  Several more art events were planned for 2015 based on the success of this one. 

Master Chef Cooking Class (read more)

OLT started hosted benefit Cooking Classes with OLT member and Master Chef, Scott Sharot, in the OLT pavilion at Valley View on Saturday Oct 11th. For a cost of $25 the cooking class proceeds benefited OLT's new Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrades. Chef Sharot led participants in a cooking demo of several delicious lunch dishes which were sampled and recipes given, along with time and health-saving savory cooking tips. OLT hopes to offer other Cooking Classes with Chef Sharot along the Front Range and in Albuquerque in the future.

Colorado Gives Day a Success (read more)

After creating an on-line profile, OLT participated for the first time in an on-line state-wide fundraising initiative called CO GIVES DAY on December 9 with great results.  Ninety people donated to OLT through Colorado Gives Day on or before December 9th, raising $12,500 IN ONE DAY.   A total of $26,200,000 was raised from 1677 participating non-profits across the state with gifts ranging from $10 - $300,000.  OLT's $12,500 total was proportionally matched by the Community First Foundation's/ First Bank's unprecedented $1,000,000 incentive fund to which the CO Health Foundation added $150,000 on Dec 4 th.  OLT's proportional match totaled $549, bringing OLT's grand giving total to $13,049!  After a small credit card processing/ admin fee, our final total was $12,799.  This was a wonderful first year for our Colorado Gives Day participation – thanks to all our members and friends who contributed to OLT through Colorado Gives. 

2014 Accomplishments

Annual Appeal form 2014-2015 (printable PDF)

Annual Appeal form 2014-2015 (printable PDF)

Organizational Capacity Building

  • Adoption of final new Strategic Plan and re- worded organizational mission to include Objectives, Goals and Strategies outlined around 4 key areas: Visitor Space Protection and Management, Conservation and Preservation, Research and Education, and Staff Development and Community Relations, as well as inclusion of Valley View Hot Springs per se in mission statement that OLT is "dedicated to the preservation of Valley View Hot Springs (VVHS) and its viewshed."
  • Continued outreach to and engagement of current OLT members and visitors, through quarterly membership renewal letters, monthly e-newsletters, Facebook communications, an Annual Report, regional gatherings, and special Members Appreciation Weekend activities including a staff-served breakfast and thank you gifts post card gift packets.
  • Creation of OLT profile on Colorado Gives website for December 9 Colorado Gives Day where OLT's total donations are matched as a percentage of overall funds raised among 1500 non-profits participating - $13,000 raised for OLT including matching funds
  • Visitation is up 15% compared to 2013 even during winter months with Members Appreciation week-end attendance up from 2013 to 245 people
  • Membership increased in 2014 by approximately 700 members to a grant total of 2800 members
  • Several significant in-kind donations saved OLT thousands of dollars in time, materials and resources for the following: a new computer hydro control system donated by OLT member Tom Bowes that allows remote monitoring and control of our hydro plant through the Internet; painting time/ materials for Willow/ Elm cabins; a weather station installed at the hydro plant that measures wind, humidity, temperature, barometric pressure also donated by Tom Bowes; labor by OLT members Mark Allen, Scott Huntington and Adam Richards for installation of the new wood floors in the Welcome Center
  • Obtained new walkie-talkie radios to improve communication among staff and between Front Office and Facilities staff
  • Nomination of OLT founders Neil and Terry Seitz for Philanthropist of the Year for the Association of Fundraising Professional state-wide award to honor their generous donations that created the basis for Orient Land Trust

Everson Ranch:

  • Maintained the irrigation rotation schedule, corrugated the hay fields to allow water into the dry areas which yielded more hay crop for this year; completed irrigation of horse pasture.
  • All three sows gave birth, four piglets sold, 3 new baby piglets arrived in October with another litter born before year-end; added 20 new chickens to the ranch family of animals
  • Obtained a shipping container for the ranch to store animal feed, tools and other equipment, as well as to serve as a shop for Ranch Manager.
  • Dead cottonwoods at the Ranch house removed


  • Put in new water & electric lines to Sunset House and insulated the water line. Sunset is now completely heated geothermally!
  • Site Location Permit arrived from the CDPHE giving OLT a green light to proceed with the Waste Water Facilities upgrades
  • Installation of kitchen facilities at the Pavilion - sinks, electric range, microwave, prep able and electric outlets
  • Re-purposed the Trading Post log cabin into a secure, "bear proof" food storage area with refrigerators
  • New screen doors installed on all of the small cabins and at Sunset Cabins

2014 Donor Acknowledgements


Germaine Fraley


John Eiseman, Mary Eiseman, Kohn Family, Karen McLaughlin & Mark McSchubin, Pamela Nelson


Jeff Baysinger, Ed Cannon, Judy & Peter Carroll, Frank Cencula, Kenneth Coombs, Sam Duncan, Joe Eaglesfether, Paul Englebrecht, Brian Gansmann, Joe Heard, Chris & Betsy Miller, Carl & Jeanne Patton, Darrin Pyle, and David & Vicki Vogel


Paul Aaker, Artis Family, John Belskis & Elizabeth Sweeney, Barton Family, Bishop Family, Thomas Blomqvist & Audrey Siow, James Boring, Bo Johnson & Jean Bormett, Randy Bruns & Osheena Tayal, David Cherry, Craigie Family, Robert & Victoria Cramer, Claude & Margaret Dean, Jeff & Christine DeChristopher, Jonathan Fischer, Randy Fischer & Mary Siems, Geddes Family, Laurence Hall, John & Kenda Hallinan, Bill & Amy Harrington, Harris Family, Gary & Karen Hearing, Allen Heggen, Steve Hutto, Lynn & Henry Johnson, Martin & Jane Jolley, Jan Kabili & John Lorenz, Kieffer Family, Julie & Jeff Lazaroff, Robert & Kimberly Leach, James McNamara, Kelli Mlinarik Marko & Jerry Marko, Preston Newell, Adrian & Ami O'Leary, Michael Onewing & Kelley Michelle, Carl & Jeanne Patton, Jan & John Redick, Aaron & Katherine Rodgers, Juliette Roth, Schaefer Family, Paul Schmidt & Mark Brown, David & Joan Schrader, Seitz Family, John Sellers, Gary & Barbara Shannon, Lee Silensky, Jay Sims, Bill Singer, William & Barbara Steele, Rae Marie & Marion Stelts, Rich & Nancy Stromer, Mindy Stuemke, Craig Thompson, Richard Ward, Edwin & Crystal Wheeler, and Rob Whiting


Susan Alaimo, Michael Albi, Stephen & Lori Allegar, William Anderson, Jr., John and Maryann Andrews, Avjean Family, Frank Barron & Mary Lubcheco, Barton Family, Ray & Maria Bettencourt, Paul Betty & Mariarosa Gasbarro, Becky & Arthur Bragg, Bucklin Family, Eric Bunce, Jimmie Burke, Michael & Nancy Burke, Web & Lynn Callicutt, Dave Cameron & Rogil Schroeter, Anthony Cramer & Caitlin Grabarek, Blaine Crowther, James & Beth Davis, Lindsey Dunlap, Sharon & John Duran, Essen Family, Julie Faber, David Feldt & Brenda Huber, Don & Susan Fishburne, Gary & Lisa Fletcher, Flora- Stevens Family, Michael Foegen & Tiffany Foegan, Foster-Matthews Family, Anna Frank & Colin West, Frederick-Daily Family, Chris Gaffney, Josh & Emily Galvin, Garner Family, Dana Gibson, Glass- Cherry Family, Graber Family, Grady Family, Ed Hall, Hartman Family, Greg & Sandra Heise, Tom Hodgins & Jill Marsh, Hoefler- Molen Family, Lorie & Mark Jarner, Jan Jepsen & Cynthia Sheely, Lucy & Jim Johnson, Dan Jones, Jones Family, Jordan Family, Marilyn Kaub, Phil Kirk & Ann Newcomb, Andrew Klein, Julie Kley & Jim Manley, Barbara Lavender, Josie Lazarus & Max Heckard, Terry & Debbie Lee, Lessem Family, Simon Lipstein, April Lohr, Teresa Louis- Tomlinson & Darrell Tomlinson, Mary Lubcheco, Kelly & Jill Lupton, Mariner Family, Jill Marsh, Mascarenas Family, Myron McClellan & Lawrence Phillips, McGuire Family, Bud & B.J. Meadows, Charles Meredith, Metz Family, Monica & Gilbert Miceli, Mitchell-Brown Family, Michael & Elaine Moravan, Joanna & Geoff Mouming, Larry Mullins & Kitty Wooldridge, Doug Neese, Mark Nelson & Laura Blegan, Niemeyer Family, Michael & Barbara O'Brien, Tim & Elizabeth O'Connor, Don Palermo & Tammy Drumright, James & Denise Palin, Tyrone Pearson, Ted & Shannon Peck, Robert & Jane Penny, Robert Pletcher, Karen & Mike Pokorny, Bruce Poster & Kathy Seidl, Michael Raaum & Ilene Schmidt, Ken & Pixie Raich, Jerry Raney, Mike Reed & Susan Keeton, Richard Family, Heidi Saltzman & Robin Dusharm, Sammons Family, Julie Sawaya & Thomas Crancer, Paul Schiro & Virginia Johnson, David & Joan Schrader, Edward & Sue Schrems, Uwe & Karen Schroeter, Segard Family, Seger- Landman Family, Scott Sharot & Dale Harris, Shell Family, Rocky & Stacy Shockley, Andrea & Monnya Silver, Sondra Singer, Richard Skorman & Patricia Seator, Smith-Barlow Family, B.J. & Joe Stapen, Ann Stokes, Trevor Stone & Kelly Krause, Stover Family, Mindy Stuemke, Jim Taylor, Roger Taylor, Thomas Tesson, Michael & Rebecca Thompson, Barbara & Chuck Tidd, Tully Family, Brian Van Genderen, Keven VanKoughnet & Doug Packard, Richard Ward, Darrell Vigil & Kenneth Zamiska, Oscar Voss, Ken & Kathy Waesche, Vicki & Scott Walker, Michael & Sarah Warren, Wear Family, Weber Family, Martin Weinberg, Stephen Weiner, Bud & Suzanne Williams, Jeff Winslow, Joe Woodward, Brad Wright, and James Young


Alexander Acevedo & Mary Kay Engel, Ackerman Family, Diana Adair & Jason Grundhauser, Joy Alesdatter & Michele Hawley, Anderson Family, Lisa & Joel Anderson, James & Nadia Anhalt, Victoria Armigo, Hannah & Jonathan Ashar, Richard Barr, Laura Bassett & Ric Lum, David Beaulieu, Beck Family, Eric Beggs, David & Alice Begneaud, Rudy Bernard & Nicolette Watkins, Frank Berndt & Shad St Louis, Art Blanchard, Judith Bonsignore & Bill Bliesath, Joey Blue, Ken Boettcher & Annie O'Connor, Michael Bonamer, Jessica Bonasso & Kenneth Botts, Howard Broek, Steve Brown, Buchwald Family, Anne Burgess & Mel Smith, Connie Call & Dennis Dubrow, Ralph & Joyce Campbell, Randy Canney, Carbone Family, Carlson- Goldman Family, Traci Case & Stephen Chappell, Bill & Michelle Cita, Allison Cohn & Andrew Blair, Alice Cole, Nancy & Bobby Cole, Brianna Coleman & Julienne Combest, Sharon Coleman & Anthony Braid, Amelia Conrado, Kent Cooper, Tom & Mary Cox, Crawford Family, Richard Cronshey, Chuck Custer, Dague Family, Diane D'Amico-Larson & Ken Larson, Houston & Alice Davis, Suzanne Degross, Gale Derrick & Newell Ledbetter, Brian Dewitt & Bryan Taylor, Ayres Dicks, Andy Dieringer & Marti Matsch, Larry Dixon, Dobbertin-Schmidt Family, Dodge-Levy Family, Jim & Carroll Ann Donaldson, Randall Dubis, Jamba Dunn & Erin Donnelly, Scott Elliott, Carol Elvington, Glenn & Meryl Ennis, April Fair, Debra Fazekas & Jan Wilson, Colleen Finnerty,, Daniel Flemming & Zachery Adams, Sarah & Thomas Flori, Suzanne Forrester,Forshay-Mizushina Family, Ellen Friedlander & Chris Alsopp, Kathryn Francis & Rich Zizik, Franz Family, Frickel Family, Christi Frum, Fulton Family, Bruce & Kaitlin Ganoung, Gregory Garbe & Tracy Gluck, Garrison Family, Gearhart Family, Gefell Family, Gershkoff Family, Alan & Kathleen Gerstner, Donald Gettemy & Gracia Coffin, Robert & Dorothy Gilbert, Bruce Gillen, Robin Godfrey, Terry & Sage Godfrey, Tania Goldfeder & Jonathan Wolfe, Janlori Goldman, Susan Gonzales, Bonnie Grace, Heather Gray, Robert Green, Peter & Jill Griffith, Gross-Shreve Family, Abraham Guttman & Jeanne Bassett, Hall Family, Nancy & Gary Hall, David Hawes, Ian Hawkins & Ashley Webb, David Hawley & Erika Davey, Peter & Becky Heinz, John & Pam Hendry, Caroline Henrichs, Walter Herter, Susan Hicks & Mike Koenen, Hinkle Family, Hobbs- Laventall Family, Hodge Family, Deborah Hoffman, Donald Holik & Deborah Leighton, Diane Hopkins & Mark Panyko, Stephen Hornback, David & Megan Howes, Kelly Huff, Hunt Family, Matt & Hermione Hurley, Wayne Husband, Chuck Hutaff, Rob & Catherine Hutchinson, Huth-Engelken Family, Robert & Harriet Ivker, Seth Jacob, Mateo Jaimes, Matt Jennison & Peggy Benton, Min Jin & Karin Feldkamp, Richard & Susan Jones, Jones Family, Mark & Mona Jones, John & Christine Juarez, Eric & Sarah Kallgren, James & Janet Kimble, Brad & Chris Klafehn, Joani & Dave Kleensang, Koski Family, Carol & Lewis Lambert, Jessica Lambert-Peplinski & Joshua Peplinksi, Brian Landau & Stevi Allen, Landes Family, LaValley Family, John Law, Jesse Lee & Nicholas Ramey, Nancy Leibig, Terry Leonhart & Mary Hines, David Lerch, Alex Lerma & Hannah Kaneck, Marcus & Margie Lessen, Dean & Diane Levi, Sandra & Ron Lezon, Alan & Debbie Lichtenberg, Ivan Locke & Angelika Heikaus, Mark & Chris Lockwood, Edna Loehman, Kyra & Eric Long, Kirby, Longwell Family, Kirby O'Connor & Sondra Loudenburg, Christine Lowry, Pete Lutz, Mike & Amber Mackey, Larry & Marsha Macro, Naomi & Rick Maddux, Robert Mandzi & Elaine Sullivan, Jaz & Mike Mannion, Gail Marcus & Michael Klahr, Kevin Markey & Candice Miller, Sandy Marks, Kandi & David Marquardt, Nick Martin & Kristi Bryden, Ann Mathews, Robert Matschulat, Kathie & Jon McEachern, Leland & D'Ann McElhinney, McFall Family, William McGrath, Eileen McIlvain, Jack McKenzie, Daniel McQueen, Kelly & Sean McKoon, Joellyn & Doug Mendelson, Rachel & Jake Menke, Christopher Merrell, Liv & Emmeliah Michaelson, Joseph & Kathleen Miller, David & Leah Millis, David & Geneva Mixon, Moench-Caspari Family, Judith Mohling, Jim Monroe, Jason Montoya & Cathy Jiron, Moore Family, Morsicato Family, Robert Moss & Charlene Allen-Moss, Richard Muerle, Margo & David Musante, Cindi & Jim Myers, Kirk & Linda Navo, Neff Family, Nelson Family, Doris & Ron Ney, Preston Newell, Doris & Ron Ney, Jean & Clint Nichols, John Norton & Kathryn Adams, Jessi Nusbaum, Julie Nutter & Peter Mossman, Thomas O'Byrne & Lynn Lybrand, Jeremy Wegerer & Carrie Odom, David O'Keefe, O'Rourke-Conley Family, Anthony & Patricia Padilla, Leann Pape & Bob Thompson, Diane & Tom Peace, Mick Perry & Michael Binfet, Cherie Peterson & Ron Isaacson, Cary & Yves Piécoup, Gerald Pine, Sarah Poston, Mark & Mary Price, Prior Family, Don Pritchett, Nancy Quinitnilla, Andrea & Reynold Radocchia, Scott & Lynnea Rappold, Reece Family, Scott Renney, Ralph Reschke & Eradio Beltran, Patricia Rexenes & Debbie Querrard, Jocelyn & Chris Reynolds, Don Richmond & Teri McCartney-Richmond, Erika & Frank Riley, Alastair Robertson & Angeles Ribera, Mira & Justin Rookey, Rosenblum Family, Barbara Rossman, Juliet Roth, Nancy Ruegg, Rusch Family, Harry & Linda Safstrom, Adam Saks & Virginia Majerus, Mark Satterlee, Terrance Savage, Guy & Kelli Scarborough, Woody Wang & Susan Schmidt, Scott-Gonzales Family, Searns- Preston Family, Andrew Seidman, Peter Sevenhawks & Stacy Mendez, David Shelton, Conner & Cynthia Shepherd, Jodie Simon, Nancy Simonson-Viviano & Hand Viviano, Mary Singleton & Phil Grossblatt, Skvorc Family, Smith Family, Soehngen Family, Juliet Spurrier, Sramek Family, Bill & Catherine Stamey, Lori Stevenson & James Hixson, Ken & Jasmine Stewart, Ray & Isolde Stewart, Stombock Family, Bianca Storlazzi, Kathy Streid Noe, John Coyote Fleming & Sheryl Strohm, Benjamin & Brenna Sturgeon, Kari Sutton & Chris Hamilton, Leslie Sutton, Pete Szilagyi, Shelley Terrill, Tidrick- McMahon Family, Tison Family, Triggs-Divine Family, Lauren Turner, Chris Valentini, Denise VandeWalle-Swallow & Gloria Vandewalle, Linda & Mike Vaughn, Vern & Jarla Vobejda, Betty Wagoner, Lonnie & Tim Wallace, Warley-Ho Tseung Family, Janelle Washington & Robert Rose, Ed Watson & Vanessa Whitehead, Seth Watson, Satya Van Dyke, Mark Weeding, Bob Wegerer, Rosalyn Weiss, Rob Werge & Charlotte Miller, Wieczorek Family, Dennis Williams & Mary Vanderwall, Ben Wills, John Wiltsie & Michael Padilla, Brenna Witt & Colin Gray, Martha Woods & Edward Glasser, Raymond Yuro & Mark Morrison, and Jennifer & Tim Zedalis


Sean & Brianna, Todd Abbotts, John Ackley, Richard Adams, Mark Ajluni, Bradley Albus, Benjamin Alcott, Bill Allegar, Christina Werner, Michael Allen, Robin Svenson, Rose Allen, Richard Alvesteffer, Kelly Ammann, Andersen Family, Brian Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, George Ridgik, Scott Anderson, Karyn & Charles Andrade, Andrews Family, Lauren & Bruce Andrews, Amy Anglin, Heather Anthony, Bianca Aquino, Marna Ares, Joe Browne, David Asselin, Ausberger Family, Shemy Ayon, Costen Aytes, Leslie Jones, Kenneth Bacon, Carol Werther, Larry Bacon, Christina Bain, John Fannon, Chuck & John Baker, Hill Baker, Kirstyn Shaffer, Tom Baldner, Ballard Family, Marta Ballen, Eric & Celia Bard, Barich Family, Fern & Scott Barker, Brad Bartlett, Estella Moore, Kara Bartosch, Nathan Retta, Jeff Batt, Dan Beach, Debbie Doskey, Jason Beason, Kerry Noonan, Beechwood Family, Erika Beerbower, Paul Behr, John Behrendt, Laura Bachus, Steve Beleu, Mathias Bell, Roel Beltran, Benington Family, Benner Family, David 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GIFTS IN HONOR OR MEMORY OF: Laurie B. Loshaek by Chris Martin/ Elizabeth Truglio; Kelly Kindig by Vicki Coulter and Nick Hazen; Alexandra Svoboda by Bill.

GIFTS IN KIND: Martin & Jane Jolley, Tom Bowes, Creative Framery, La Chiripada Winery, Playa Son Risa Resort

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For the education, enjoyment, and well-being of current and future generations, Orient Land Trust: 
promotes a positive clothing-optional experience at all properties including Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Mine and Everson Ranch;
preserves the viewshed, including land acquisition; 
protects natural, wild, agricultural, and historic resources, in the northern San Luis Valley.