Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Volunteerism At Orient Land Trust

Volunteer hanging owl habitat Volunteer hanging owl habitat Rosie Rosenberg

The tasks at hand that are needed to run OLT smoothly are myriad. Though the Staff here is ever capable, there is just so much that we can accomplish in a day. Orient Land Trust relies on a long standing tradition of volunteerism.  Through the years, many noble souls have come forward and brought their many talents to bear on improving our systems, grounds and infrastructures.

I have found that the most notable trait in all of our volunteers is a profound love and dedication to the vision of this magic place. Other hot springs may succumb to the pressures of development, but OLT endeavors to keep what we have and improve these systems in a way that perpetuates the much-loved ambiance while being less than noticeable…

Our volunteers get that.

Through the years, some of the talents that have been offered are (but not limited to,) plumbing, electrical, construction, systems development, welding, design, engineering, tech support, masonry and rock work,  digging, weeding, animal husbandry, gardening,  clean-up,  fence work, heavy equipment operation and Program Hosting…(to name a few)…

We have had volunteers that have helped to maintain our Hydro-electric power system, (Jim M.), excavated building foundations with their own equipment, (Jonathan), renovated the Welcome Center and Cottonwood Cabin, (Adam, Mark, Scott H.),  donated a work vehicle (and has done many other projects), (Tim),  installation of in-floor-heating grids, (Jim and Neil),  signed off on a legal letter that enabled OLT and (partner) Living Art Systems to pioneer methane digesters  in the San Luis Valley as a septic system alternative, (Daniel), and design, happily done many grubby tasks that involve strength and/or tenacity, (Mark, Jeff, Liam, Greg, Donavon, Ron, Cheryl, Bill and Jude, Brent, Gary, Marie and Ruby, Kathy, and Larry, (and I know I’m forgetting folks and my abject apologies ahead of time…), assembled, installed and donated, 2 (going on 3), control systems that remotely control the Hydro-system’s spear valve, notify changes in collection box water level and (soon to come), Apple Pool temperature regulation, (Tom B.).

We have had work crews from Universities, Government sponsored programs, and walk-ins. We have long-standing Bat Hosts, Astronomers, Discovery Hosts, Camp Hosts and Board Members. We have volunteer Committee Members and folks who bring things in from “Civilization” and donate recycled building materials.

All in all, Orient Land Trust thrives because of this ongoing confluence of volunteer spirit and donated financial support.  It has been one of my greatest pleasures as the OLT Facilities Manager that I have been able to interact with all of these wonderful and talented, selfless givers!

My and Our Thanks!

- Mark Jacobi, Facilities Manager


I’ve been working on scheduling volunteers for Visitor Services for this summer!  We still have openings for May, early June, late August and September.  If you are interested in supporting Orient Land Trust as a camp host, discovery host, bat tour guide or astronomy host; please contact Rosie for an application.   Thank you to all our returning volunteers and new friends too!  It’s going to be a great summer!

- Rosie Rosenberg, Volunteer Coordinator


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