Sunday, April 8th, 2018

New faces in old spaces

New front porch on the ranch bunkhouse New front porch on the ranch bunkhouse Mike O'Donal

Join us in welcoming some new faces at Everson Ranch! We couldn't be anymore excited for this season's community garden under the management of the newest faces on our team, Brian, Dru and Brook.

Brian's enthusiasm for the garden is contagious! His plans for the year include creating a genetically diverse garden with a focus on open pollinated seeds, companion planting, and experimentation. He plans on having three garden plots, using half of the garden space for growing tried and true crops. The other half will be split again for growing test gardens, experimenting with drought resistant crops, seeds specific to our growing conditions and different styles of companion planting. Brian's ultimate goals for the summer include improving soil health, providing an educational platform for the community, and creating a truly holistic garden space for us to share with our guests and the community.

We're starting seeds now and repurposing many items as seed starting containers. From paper towel rolls to old oatmeal containers, there's no end to items we could reuse! Stop down at the ranch to meet Brian and Dru, visit the goats, and check out the garden.

You're sure to notice the new face on the old 'bunkhouse' building. Ranch manager Mike O'Donal never ceases to amaze us and this month he's really outdone himself. The new covered porch creates a lovely space for enjoying the star filled skies and sun filled days.

We're excited to be offering a brunch and BBQ on the weekends over the summer, inviting guests to come to the ranch for a tour and to share a meal. Our menu each week will be focused on what we can harvest out of the garden or source locally. Join us Saturday or Sunday, Memorial Day to Labor Day, for food and friendship on our new covered porch.

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