Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Conservation Committee Hosts 2018 Weed Pull

Volunteers helping with weed pull 2017 Volunteers helping with weed pull 2017 Rosie Rosenberg

A group of OLT volunteers will gather on June 5th and 6th and unite against a common enemy: invasive weeds. A group of about 12 folks will spend 2 days focusing on a few of the most abundant offenders at Valley View Hot Springs.

The weed-pull is organized by the OLT Conservation Committee (CC) and CC members Geneva Mixon, David Mixon, Steve Saban and Matt Johnson will join volunteers from the general membership to make a dent in the number of nasties on the ground at the hot springs. The CC has identified weeds as a priority issue at both Valley View Hot Springs (VVHS) and the Everson Ranch properties. We hope to offer opportunities for individuals to get their hands dirty and volunteer by pulling weeds. Noxious weeds are "non-native invasive plants that displace desirable vegetation and degrade natural and agricultural lands. They threaten our drinking water supply, agricultural crops, pasture lands and native habitats." Most of the weeds we pull are from the state of Colorado's B list. These include Bull Thistle, Houndstongue, and Henbane. The OLT is committed to working on our weed issue without using chemical sprays or weed killers, so volunteer power is critical. Staff is too busy running operations to fight this issue without help.

Many folks who pitched in during last years event mentioned that it felt great to give back and make a difference for the land. We enjoyed getting to know each other, sharing our love for naturism, and our commitment to nurturing the beauty that we get to enjoy at VVHS. Overall everyone agreed that the land and water of OLT nurtures our bodies and feeds our souls, so it is our duty to protect and preserve this resource for others.

There are still a few more volunteers needed for this years workshop. VVHS overnight admission fees and tent camping will be provided for volunteers for June 4 & 5, work will done 8am - 12pm on the 5 & 6. Contact our volunteer coordinator Rosie to sign up. If you can't make the workshop, you may be able to arrange for an individual weed pulling project. Email Rosie at .

Get involved: The CC is one of numerous active committees that are always seeking volunteers. You can contact committee chair and board member Geneva Mixon for more information about the CC at . You can also check out other committees by visiting: http://www.olt.org/olt/people/committees.

OLT Volunteers Make a Difference!

Volunteers helping with weed pull 2017 - Robin Rosenberg

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