Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Summer is Almost Gone

Thanks to everyone for another enjoyable summer. This year, there were some challenges: County wide Fire Ban, dry weather, reduced volume of water from the springs, and skies that were sometimes smoky from the many fires throughout the region and the entire west. We've had some welcome rainfall in the past few weeks and the fire ban has been lifted. We are in a desert and fire is always a danger but it is less like a tinder box since the rain. Reduced water volume from the springs made for a longer fill time for the swimming pool after each cleaning every Wednesday. We did use the diesel generator as back-up as we repaired the collection box and that did help fill the pool more quickly for those weeks. Switching from hydroelectric power to diesel and then back does interrupt power and cause some electronic devices to require re-setting. We apologize for any problems that may have been caused by that.

The days are shorter, the nights are cooler. We would like to see more snowfall this winter and if we could get some more rain in the next few months, we could recover a bit from the nearly year long drought. Thanks to all for the extra care with smoking and fire this summer. Your thoughtfulness saw us safely through thus far. Finding cigarette butts along paths or at the pools is unsightly and disappointing. Please smoke only inside the Smoke Hut or inside your vehicle

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