Staff Openings

Orient Land Trust is a great place to work! We have a dedicated and friendly staff who work year-round to promote the mission of the land trust, maintain this beautiful property, and assist guests with their visit.

Job Openings


We currently have an opening for a housekeeper. Please email a letter of interest and the completed application to Housekeeping Manager Robin Shumway.

Position Type: Part time, or temporary depending on OLT need and applicant circumstance. This position is an non-exempt, hourly position.
Pay Range: $13.00 to $15 per hour starting wage based on qualifications and experience.
FLSA Status: Nonexempt

Benefits include: An employee may be eligible for OLT group health plan coverage the first of the month after 60 days of employment depending on the hours worked and for Paid Time Off (PTO) benefits after 120 days of employment depending on the hours worked.
Location(s): Any OLT property as required

Job Relationships: Housekeeping Staff cleans, stocks supplies, does laundry, keeps grounds clean and picks up trash and recycling. Works closely with facilities and front desk, as well as volunteers to keep the infrastructure in good shape and ready to provide amenities to visitors.
Position Overview: Under the supervision of the Facilities Manager, Facilities Staff  is responsible for the maintenance of the Visitor Services facilities, including structures, utilities and grounds. The Facilities Manager also supports the construction of improvements on OLT properties.

Responsibilities include:
●    Safety of visitors and employees is a primary concern at all times
●    Be constantly observant of the condition of all facilities and equipment including buildings, pools, ponds, vehicles, trails, electrical generation, plumbing; report any concerns or questions to the ED
●    Clean all public areas daily, including restrooms, pool deck, saunas, and public areas of Oak House and Sunset Rooms
●    Clean private accommodations following visitor departure
●    Work with volunteers as appropriate

As directed by Maintenance staff:
●    Monitor grounds including campsites (both vehicle and tent), pools, ponds, trails, saunas, fire pits, recycling and trash areas
●    Shampoo carpets in cabins and other public use buildings
●    Clean area rugs and mats with pressure washer on pool cleaning days
●    Defrost freezers

Housekeeping Daily Duties   
●    Clean the Sauna (inside and out)
●    Sweep the Swimming pool deck
●    Pick up trash from Parking areas
●    Clean around Ponds
●    Clean the Restroom
●    Clean the Oak House
●    Clean Sunset kitchen and bathroom
●    Clean Cabins/ Sunset Rooms as used
●    Check mousetraps in all buildings
●    Clean around the Campsites & Pavilion
●    Keep Laundry areas clean/neat
●    Bring Lost & Found to the Welcome Center
●    Clean Welcome Center (weekly or as needed) including general office area, public areas and restroom
●    Make sure cleaning items/sheets, etc are restocked DAILY
●    Clean around trash trailer and recycle aluminum, glass, plastic & cardboard

Detailed Cleaning List for Restrooms:
●    Clean:    Sinks / faucets
●            Tub
●            Shower / Shower curtains
●            Mirrors
●            Countertops
●            Soap dishes
●    Floors / Rubber mats
●            Toilets / urinals
●            Baseboard and corners
●    Drinking fountain
●        Change bath mats and towels
●        Install toilet paper (beginning and end of day)
●        Replace soap as needed
●        Empty Wastebaskets
●        Sweep sidewalk
●    Always check that all lights work

Weekly or As Needed
●    Thorough, in-the-corners cleaning of
●     floors, walls, ceiling
●        Wash cabinets and walls
●        Wash light fixtures
●    Stock pads and tampons in
●    "Personal Supplies" cabinet
●        Water plants
●        Wash windows and shower curtains
●        Vacuum ceiling lights
●        Wash skylights (inside)
●        Give rugs to Rick on pool-cleaning day

Detailed list for Cabins, Sunset Rooms and Oak:
●    Vacuum/mop floor
●    Change sheets
●    Put out clean towel and dishrag
●    Replace napkins and facial tissue as needed
●    Put away dishes
●    Wipe/dust all fixtures including tables, stoves, shelves, base-board heaters, light fixtures,window sills, bed frames, chair rungs, etc.
●    Clean sofas & under cushions on sofas
●    Empty wastebaskets
●    Empty and wash ashtrays
●        Clean out refrigerator
●        Sweep porch and steps
●        Pick up trash around outside
●        Always check:
●         All lights work *
●             Smoke alarms (check at least every Friday)
●             Thermostats (should be left on low)
●             Fire extinguishers present
●             Sunset: Outside light switch on
●          * Outside lights
●             Inside lights with dimmers
●             Inside lights without dimmers

Weekly or As needed
●    Thorough cleaning of    floors, walls, ceiling
●    Wash curtains and all bedding
●        Wash windows
●        Wash wastebaskets
●        Shampoo carpets several times per year
●    Rotate mattresses

Required skills and experience:
●    Organization of tools and equipment
●    General use of a computer
●    Employee, workplace and visitor safety
●    Open to learning new skills and knowledge
●    Self-motivated
●    Excellent communication with others
●    Keenly observant

Needed skills (to be acquired on the job if not already current):
●    Complete understanding, support and enthusiasm for Orient Land Trust and its mission
●    Knowing emergency procedures and able to instruct others

How to Apply: Contact Orient Land Trust by phone or email for application
Phone: 719-256-4315.
Email: Robin Shumway
Closing Date: Sept 19, 2022
For information on Orient Land Trust and our company culture, visit our website at
Orient Land is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

For the education, enjoyment, and well-being of current and future generations, Orient Land Trust: 
promotes a positive clothing-optional experience at all properties including Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Mine and Everson Ranch;
preserves the viewshed, including land acquisition; 
protects natural, wild, agricultural, and historic resources, in the northern San Luis Valley.